Tomobata Flag Festival


Tomobata Flag Festival (tomobata matsuri)

***** Location: Ishikawa, Japan
***** Season: Mid-Spring
***** Category: Observance


Tomobata matsuri 伴旗祭 (ともばたまつり)
Tomobata Flag Festival

..... Ogikoo sai 小木港祭(おぎこうさい)Ogiko Harbour Festival

April 17 and 18

shrine Mifune Jinja 御船神社

Ishikawa prefecture, 
Uchiura machi, 石川県 内浦町 御船神社

This spring Festival is dedicated to Mifune Shrine.
This Festival is also known as Mifune Matsuri. The 10 boats are decorated with 5 coloured Fukinagashi streamers. A huge streamer which is 20 m tall and 2 m wide and is made by stringing 500 Minogami washi papers is erected on the catamaran boat.
This huge streamer is called Tomobata.

These boats then rove around the Ogi Bay in tune with the rallying cries of "Yo-Yo-" and music of flutes, bells and drums. The scene which looks like a painting from an old picture scroll is sure to take you back in time.
source : hot-ishikawa.jp

The Tomobata 伴旗 flags.


Other festivals in Ishikawa, Noto area

Abare (Rampage) Festival
Nights of the first Friday and Saturday of July
Abare Festival is dedicated to Yasaka Shrine in Ushitsu of Noto Peninsula.

Issaki Hoto Festival
First Saturday of August
This is one of the biggest and most lively summer festivals of Noto where spirited men from the area around a fishing town called Ishizaki parade through the streets bearing Kiriko lanterns

May 3rd - 5th
This Festival is a designated as Japan's Important Intangible Cultural Property and is widely known as "Seihakusai Dekayama Festival".

Okuma Kabuto Festival
September 20th
One of Japan's Important Intangible Cultural Properties. This important Festival is dedicated to Kuma Kabuto Arakashi-hiko Shrine which is also known as Kuma Kabuto shrine. This Festival is also known as "20th Day Festival" since it is celebrated on 20th of September every year.

Wajima Taisai (Great Festival of Wajima)
August 23rd - 25th
10 meter tall festival lanterns called Kiriko as well as smaller portable paper lanterns are carried through the town streets along with portable shrines called 'omikoshi'.

Nafune Gojinjo Drum
Almost everyday from July to October;
The Gojinjo Drum Performance is a traditional folk entertainment in the Nafune area. It is said that the drummers wearing ghost masks and seaweed hair fought off the armies of Uesugi Kenshin who tried to attack the area in 1577.

Noto's Sakura (Cherry blossom) Station
Kashima, Anamizu-machi

Komaruyama Park's Sakura
This was originally the site of Nanao Castle founded close to the seashore by the 1st Lord of Kaga Province, Lord Maeda.

Shio Yawaragi no Sato
With 1,500 trees of Someiyoshino cherry blossom variety, Yawaragi-no-Sato (Place of Peace) is one of Noto's most famous cherry blossoms viewing spot.
source : hot-ishikawa.jp

MORE Festivals
source : ishikawajet.wikia.com

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. Washi - Paper from Mino .


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***** . Prayer flag, prayer flags.


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