Senbu-E Myoken-Ji


Reading the sutras 1000 times (senbu e )

***** Location: Kyoto
***** Season: Mit-spring
***** Category: Observance


Senbu-E 千部会 Ceremony of chanting sutras for 1000 times

At temple Myookenji 妙顯寺 Myoken-Ji, Kyoto
April 14

The sutra Hokekyo is chanted for 1000 times.

The temple was advised as a special prayer temple by the emperor Godaigo Tenno  後醍醐天皇 in 1335.

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In 2013 the timing has been postponed to March 09, due to considerations of the Big Earthquake on March 11, 2011.
05月09日 - - 4月14日に行われた法華千部会の様子を更新致しました。


Festivals of this temple

1月 -- 新年祈祷会
2月 -- 二の午 慶中様大祭
4月 -- 14日 法華千部会
6月 -- 16日 法華懺法会(後醍醐天皇聖忌会)
8月 -- 10日 盆施餓鬼法要
11月 -- 13日 宗祖御会式(開山日像菩薩御会式)
12月 -- 冬至 除災祈祷会
31日 -- 除夜の鐘撞

Look at the Garden

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This is another of several nearly identical portraits painted in the 16th & 17th Centuries. This one is kept at Myokenji Temple in Kyoto. It appears be part of a set that includes portraits of Chih-I T’ien T’ai and Saicho, aka Dengyo Daishi. IIRC, the portraits were painted in the late 1600′s.

The founder of this Temple was Nichizo (1269-1342), who was Nichiro’s half-brother. It is said that Nichiren, on his deathbed at Ikegami, commissioned Nichizo with the task of converting the emperor in Kyoto. I am curious if this is an oral legend, actually recorded in the authenticated Shuso Gosenge Kiroku, or, perhaps, from the apocryphal transmission ‘dox’ kept at Ikegami?

Ryuei on Nichizo & Myokenji:
In 1333, Myokenji Temple joined in the prayers for Emperor Godaigo’s success. Fortunately for Nichizo, the emperor was successful and the Kamakuran Shogunate fell in 1333. In 1334, the emperor recognized Myokenji Temple as an Imperial Prayer Temple. In this way, Nichiren Buddhism was finally given official recognition. Nichizo’s lineage would later be known as the Shijo Lineage due to the location of Myokenji Temple in Kyoto. The Myokenji Temple was burned down by Tendai sohei (soldier-monks) from Mt. Hiei in 1387. It was rebuilt in 1398 and renamed Myohonji. It took the name Myokenji again in 1519.”
— The Mission to Kyoto by Ryuei Michael McCormick

source : fraughtwithperil.com


. Japan after the BIG earthquake March 11, 2011 .

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Chanting sutras for 1000 times, the same sutra or different ones, chanted by one priest or many, there are variations of this kind of event in other temples in Japan.


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