Home Visit (tsuto-iri)


Home Visit (tsutoiri, tsuto iri)

***** Location: Japan
***** Season: Early Autumn
***** Category: Observance


tsuto iri 衝突入 (つといり) "visiting a home"
Yamada no tsuto-iri 山田のつと入(やまだのつといり)
home visit at Yamada
bon no tsuto-iri 盆のつと入(ぼんのつといり)
home visit at O-Bon ancestor festival

The Chinese characters 衝突 are usually read "shoototsu", meaning a collision or bumping into something.

tsuto-iri was on teh 16th day of the 7th lunar month.
This is the same day as yabu-iri for servants.

This is a kigo hard to translate in a short version.
It is also probably not used any more.


This kigo refers to an old custom in the area of Ise Yamada
This day also the third day of the ancestor festival O-Bon, when the spirits of the ancestors were send back (okuri-bon 送り盆).

On the 16th day of the seventh lunar month
(now in August), on this one day it was allowed to enter any home and visit their treasure house (kura), where the scrolls and antiques and family treasures were kept. Visitors could also inspect the special living room for visitors and take a look at the garden.

The young girls of a home were also "shown" and this was a time to make acquainances and marriage arrangements.

Some sources say this was also a chance (or duty) for the rich to display all their treasured in the yashiki living room.

The meaning of the expression can also be
"sudden intrusion into a home",
but from the haiku below we learn that all was well planned and the visitors greeted kindly.

The town of Ise (伊勢市, Ise-shi)
was formerly called Uji Yamada (宇治山田).
This city is located in eastern Mie Prefecture.
It is the area of the Ise shrine.

Ise Grand Shrine (伊勢神宮, Ise Jingū)
. Ise Shrine and its KIGO  

Worldwide use

Things found on the way


tsuto-iri ya ran no ka ni mitsu hito-zashiki

home visiting -
the fragrance of orchids fills
the living room

Matsuse Seisei 松瀬青々 (1869 - 1937)


tsuto-iri ya shiru hito ni au hyooshi nuke

forced home visit -
I meet a person I know
and feel at ease

つと入りや 納戸の暖簾ゆかしさよ
tsuto-iri ya nando no noren yukashisa yo

forced home visit -
the door curtain in front of the store room
invites me to peek in

Tr. Gabi Greve

Usually there are no door curtains in front of storage rooms, so the curiosity of Buson is stirred.

. Yosa Buson 与謝蕪村 in Edo .

hyooshi nuke 拍子ぬけ - how best to translate?
. Discussion of facebook .

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