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Tottori Prefecture - 鳥取県

located in the Chūgoku region.
The capital is the city of Tottori.
It is the least populous prefecture in Japan.
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Chizu Town Snow Festival 智頭宿雪まつり
Chizu was a busy town when the Ikeda clan ruled in Tottori.
At night, snow lanterns are lit all across the town.

Ebi Ju-Nana-Ya 江尾十七夜
August 17, Kofu town
“Ebi Godaiji Dance” is performed by locals dressed in straw hats and yukata dancing to the sound of drums.

Inaba Tug of War 因幡の菖蒲綱引き
performed as a prayer for good harvests. The Inaba Tug of War is a seasonal festival
that is celebrated in Iwami Town, Ketaka Town, and Aoya Town.

Mitoku San Fire Ritual 炎の祭典
. Mitoku San, Temple Sanbutsu-Ji .

Sakenotsu Tondoo 酒津のトンドウ
January, Kaketa town
A cone-shaped hut called a Yakishiro is wrapped several times over with good luck charms made of braided rope (Shimekazari). Naked boys circle around the Yakishiro against the cold winter while wind flailing seaweed soaked in seawater and letting out gallant cries.
The boys make three rounds around the Yakishiro as a purification ritual.

. Shanshan odori しゃんしゃん踊り shanshan dance .
Tottori, during O-Bon

- source : ameblo.jp/a-late-bloome
People shout "Sore shan shan" as they walk through the streets of Tottori town on the evening of August 16. They carry long-armed umbrellas with over 100 bells and gold and silver paper leaflets strung from them. This is the famous Shan Shan Umbrella Dance.
This festival was begun around the end of the Edo period to pray for rain during a drought. This dance was then called the Umbrella Dance of Inaba.

Ube Shrine Annual Festival 宇倍神社例大祭

April 21
With a shishi-mai -Lion dance - and the Daimyo parade.

Waterside Festival, Togo town 水郷祭
Summer, fireworks
The festival also features the Ronin Dance 浪人踊り, which is has been designated by the prefecture as an intangible cultural asset.


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An introduction to traditional festivals held within Tottori Prefecture.
source : www.pref.tottori.lg.jp

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