Shizuoka Prefecture


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Shizuoka Prefecture - 静岡県

located in the Chūbu region of Honshu.
The capital is the city of Shizuoka.
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. Bishamonten Festival 毘沙門天大祭 .
and Daruma market, Fuji

. Hamamatsu tako matsuri 浜松凧祭り Kite Festival in Hamamatsu .

. Mishima Shrine Festivals .
Mishima Taisha 三島大社


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7.1 Akiha Fire Festival
Haruno, Tenryu-ku: December
Ever since long ago, Mount Akiha was believed to have supernatural powers to prevent fires. Bow and arrow, sword, and fire dances are performed at the Akiha Shrine. At the Akiha Temple, a firewalking ceremony is performed where both believers and spectators celebrate the festival.

7.2 Enshu Dainenbutsu
Saigagake Museum, Hamamatsu City: July 15
When a family commemorates the first Obon holidays after the death of a loved one, they may request that a dainenbutsu (Buddhist chanting ritual) be performed outside their house. This is one of the local performing arts of the region. The group always forms a procession in front of the house led by a person carrying a lantern and marches to the sound of flutes, Japanese drums and cymbals.

7.4 Hamakita Hiryu Festival in June
This festival is held in honor of Ryujin, the god of the Tenryū River, and features a wide variety of events such as the Hamakita takoage (kite flying) event and the Hiryu himatsuri (flying dragon fire festival) which celebrates water, sound, and flame.

7.5 Hamamatsu International Piano Competition

7.6 Hamakita Manyo Festival
Hamakita-ku, Hamamatsu: October
This event takes place in Manyo-no-Mori Park to commemorate the Manyo Period and introduce its culture. As part of the festival, people reenact the ancient past by wearing traditional clothes from the Heian period and presenting Japanese poetry readings.

7.7 Inasa Puppet Festival
Inasa, Kita-ku: November
One of the few puppet festivals held in Japan, featuring 60 performances of about 30 plays by puppet masters from all over the country. The shows provide a full day of enjoyment for both children and adults.

7.8 Princess Road Festival (Hime Kaido 姫街道)
Hosoe, Kita-ku: April
This reenactment of a procession made by the princess in her palanquin along with her entourage of over 100 people including maids, samurai, and servants makes for a splendid scene beneath the cherry blossoms along the Toda River. In the Edo period, princesses enjoyed traveling this road which came to be known as a hime kaidō (princess road).

7.9 Samba Festival

7.10 Shoryu Weeping Ume Blossom Festival
Inasa, Kita-ku: late February to late March
In Ryusui Garden there is a stream with seven small waterfalls and about 80 weeping ume trees pruned to give the appearance of dragons riding on clouds to the heavens. There are also 200 young trees planted along the mountainside.

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Hamamatsuchoo, Hamamatsuchō 浜松町 Hamamatsu district
Minato, 浜松 Hamamatsu 浜松町一丁目および二丁目 first and second sub-district
Hamamatsu, a town in Shizuoka