Miyazaki Prefecture


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Miyazaki Prefecture - 宮崎県

located on the island of Kyushu.
The capital is the city of Miyazaki. After the Meiji Restoration, Hyuuga (Hyuga Hyūga) Province was renamed Miyazaki Prefecture

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. Aoshima Shrine Festival, Hadaka mairi
青島神社はだか参り Aoshima Naked Festival .

Miyazaki Flower Festa みやざきフラワーフェスタ
From March to May at Kodomo-no-Kuni, Miyazaki

Miyazaki Shrine Grand Festival
Miyazaki jingu taisai 宮崎神宮大祭

(October 26th and following Saturday and Sunday)

It is the annual festival of Miyazaki Shrine, and is the greatest festival in Miyazaki Prefecture.
The ceremonies are held in the shrine in October 26th, and the attractive parades are held in the following Saturday and Sunday.
Emperor Jinmu has been enshrined in this shrine, so the main parade is called "Jinmu-sama".
Jinmu-sama has two different processions.
One is the sacred procession for Emperor Jinmu. Courtly and ceremonious parade is performed.
Another is the secular and lively procession. Many dances in Miyazaki Prefecture, rolling of drums, and some other performances appear.
source : travel-around-japan.com

. Miyazaki Jinguu 宮崎神宮 Miyazaki Shrine .


Obi Castle Festival 飫肥城祭り
Nichinan City’s representative fall festival, the Obi Castle festival, is held over a two day period in Obi at the castle town formerly resided in by the Itou clan. Befitting its nickname of “Kyushu’s Little Kyoto” the town of Obi is laid out in a grid like fashion and has preserved its old samurai residences and former merchant town atmosphere. The highlights of the festival take place at 3:30 p.m. on the 15th (Sat) when post horses gallop in front of the main gate and at noon on the 16th (Sun) with Taihei dancing and the parade of generals and male and female samurai warriors.
- source : www.mif.or.jp

. Taihei odori 泰平踊り "Peace Dance" dolls from Miyazaki .


Onioi matsuri, oni-oi matsuri 鬼追い祭り
at Kumano shrine 熊野神社, Soo town 曽於市

January 7

Preparations start of January 2.
All ritual equipment is placed in a special hall and consecrated by the Shinto priest.

Three oni, father, mother and son, 男鬼 - 女鬼 -子鬼 are choosen from young men in their yakudoshi year. Their names are not made public for the next seven years.
The demons are said to be coming down from Mount Kirishima, 30 km away from the village.
They are dressed up with a huge headgear with many small gohei 御幣 paper stripes. People try to get some gohei for good luck in the coming year.
The three demons come down from the shrine toward the temple 光明寺 and run around wild in the dark, suddenly disappearing, suddenly showing up and hitting people.
The are accompanied by boys who support them like ninja 忍者風の黒子.

The oni of this festival are not bad ones, but good oni 善鬼 who bring good luck to the people. This is a very special festival and an important cultural property.

They also hold "demon's arms" prepared by the villagers and hit the visitors. Every hit secures a happy life in the coming year. But the arms are made from bamboo and rope and people get hurt by hitting. In former times, even wooden sticks were used for arms.
The main run is at night with torchlight, quite spooky.

Smaller oni no te 鬼の手 "demon hands" are made by the local children and sold as amulets for the festival.
Special oni no fuku mame 鬼の福豆 lucky beans are also sold.

The festival is more than 1250 years old.

. Oni, Japanese Demons .

A similar appearance of a shaman in trance with a large gohei-like headgear is seen in my village at Ohaga at Temple Ryosan-Ji during O-Bon :

. 両山寺は護法祭 Gohoosai Festival.
ごうさま - Goosama


Takachiho Yokagura 高千穂 夜神楽
Night Kagura Dance of the Takachiho Region

(From November to February)

"Kagura" is the dance and music of Shinto, and it is performed to offer to Shinto shrine. "Yokagura" means "overnight Kagura".
This Yokagura goes around all districts in Takachiho region from November to February.
At each district, 33 dances based on the story of Shinto god are performed.
It takes more than a dozen hours, so the performance starts in the evening and finishes in the afternoon the next day.
This is the important event for Takachiho's people in agricultural off-season.
source : travel-around-japan.com

. Kagura Masks from Takachiho .

. Kagura Dance (神楽 kagura) - Introduction .
yokagura 夜神楽 (よかぐら) Kagura dance at night


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