Tsunemochi Festival


Tsunemochi Festival (Tsunemochi matsuri)

***** Location: Chichibu, Japan
***** Season: Mid-Spring
***** Category: Observance


Tsunemochi matsuri 恒持祭 (つねもちまつり)
Tsunemochi festival

Yamada no haru matsuri 山田の春祭り
Spring festival of Yamada

Second Sunday in March
(It used to be the 15th day of the third lunar month.)

At shrine Tsunemochi Jinja 恒持神社 in Chichibu, Saitama.

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One "flower float (kasaboko 笠鉾) is pulled around the town. It is decorated with paper flowers. Three other festival floats (yatai 屋台) are also in the parade.
When they reach the shrine, there are dance performances.
The wheels of the floats are lubricated with green onion leaves, to remind people of the hard times when oil was not available.

With a performance of Tsunemochi Shrine Kagura dance 恒持神社神楽.
Children in colorful robes also perform traditional dances on the floats.

At night, they are illuminated and fireworks held in the shrine compound.

This festival is to ward off evil and prevent insects from harming the harvest for the coming year.

The mountainous Chichibu region is famous for its many festivals. This is one of the larger ones and brings spring to the region.


source : matsuri/cat


Tsunemochi Jinja 恒持神社 in Chichibu, Saitama.

This present shrine was erected in 1908, when three local shrines were grouped together.

It is also said to be in honor of prince Tsunemochi Oo 恒望王, brother of the famous Heike leader Takamochi Oo 高望王 (Taira no Takamochi 平高望) around 889.
His office was at Araki 新木, now the shrine is located here.

The deity in residence is a god of water 水の神, who provides water from the top of Mount Takashinoyama 高篠山. At the spring near the top of the mountain is the Dragon Shrine 竜神社 Ryuu jinja.

The Taira (Heishi 平氏) were one of the four important clans that dominated Japanese politics during the Heian period (794-1185) -
the others were the Fujiwara, the Tachibana and the Minamoto.
The Kammu Heishi line, founded in 889 by Taira no Takamochi (a great-grandson of the 50th Kammu tenno, reigned 781-806), proved to be the most strong and dominant line during the late Heian period with Taira no Kiyomori eventually forming the first samurai dominated government in the history of Japan.
A great-grandson of Heishi Takamochi, Taira no Korihira, moved to Ise Province (now part of Mie Prefecture) and established a major daimyo dynasty.
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