Toowan kuyo for bowls


Ritual for Chinese bowls (toowan kuyoo )

***** Location: Chiba, Japan
***** Season: Early Spring
***** Category: Observance


Toowan Kuyoo 唐椀供養 (とうわんくよう)
memorial service for Chinese bowls

Last Sunday in March

at the temple Manmanji 万満寺, Matsudo town, Chiba

source : karawan.htm

This is a ritual to ward off paralysis from bleeding in the brain and other effects of bad health (chuuki 中気除け) and after a purifying fire ritual of chopsticks and Chinese bowls, food is served in these bowls.
This ritual dates back to 1591, when Tokugawa Ieyasu passed here and was the first to eat from a purified rice bowl.

After the food is eaten, pilgrims crawl under the legs of the large Nio-Statue to ward off evil for the next year.

source : www.matsudo-kankou.jp


Manman-ji (万満寺 - 萬満寺)
is a Buddhist temple located in the city of Matsudo in Chiba Prefecture, Japan. The temple was built by Chiba Yoritane in 1256, originally as a Shingon Buddhist temple named Dainichi-ji, but was renamed Manman-ji in 1312.

Between 1532 and 1555 Takagi Tanetatsu, a regional leader, invited the Rinzai Zen priest Kinho from Daitoku-ji in Kyoto to the region. Over the next several years the area gained many adherents to Rinzai Zen, and Manman-ji became an important place of worship.

Manman-ji owns numerous examples of Buddhist statues of the Muromachi period.

The temple is located along the old road from Edo to Mito (Mito Kaido 水戸街道).
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The only Temple of Fudo Myo-O that offers a ritual

to ward off paralysis 中気除け chuuki yoke
chuuki 中気 paralysis (from bleeding in the brain)

Nioo mata kuguri 仁王尊股くぐり
During the three days of the New Year celebrations and at the big temple festivals in Spring and Autumn it is possible to crawl under the legs of the Nio statues, which is another special ritual not seen in Japan. It will ward off evil influence and keep you healthy, especially in times of smallpox in the Edo period.
It used to be a custom of local people, mostly bringing their sick children.
But later it spread and even Daimyo lords came to perform this ritual.

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Mizukake Fudo 水掛不動 Fudo to pour water over

Homepage of the temple
source : www.manmanji.or.jp

Other festivals of this temple

1月 - 新年厄除け祈祷(三が日間)
3月 - 不動尊春季大祭(27日~29日)
5月 - 水子、早世者合同供養(母の日)
8月 - Daisegaki e 大施餓鬼会(16日)
11月 - こども厄除祈祷(15日前後の日曜日)
12月 - Shimai Fudoo 終不動(28日) Last Fudo ritual of the year

source : www.manmanji.or.jp/gyouji.htm

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. Fudo Myo-O 不動明王 Acala Vidyârâja .

. Mizukake Fudo 水掛不動明王 .

. Nio, Deva Kings 仁王 (Nioo, Niou) .

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