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Snow festival (yuki matsuri )

***** Location: Nagano
***** Season: New Year
***** Category: Observance


Niino no yukimatsuri 新野の雪祭 (にいののゆきまつり)
snow festival at Niino

dengaku matsuri 田楽祭/雪祭り Dengaku festival
yuki matsuri 田楽祭/雪祭り Snowfestival

At Shimoina-gun Anan-cho in Shinano, Tenryu-Village, Nagano

At night from January 14 to 15.
At the shrine Izu Jinja 伊豆神社

Traditional dances like Dengaku are performed. These dances are said to preceede the Noh and Kyogen performances of later times.

Loads of snow are made to the deities of the shrine.
If it snows on this day, the harvest of the coming year will be good.
More than 19 masked dancers take part in the performances. One rides a paper horse., another a paper cow and others.

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The festival of Niino is very rare as well as Sakanbe winter festival. Dengaku and Sarugaku, original forms of Noh dances, are held all night through.

The fabulous masks look like Picasso’s paintings.
The most important god is Saiho who dances in peculiar fashion purifying rice seeds and promising good harvest.
, a partner of Saiho, plays comical role. Modoki derived from an old Japanese verb “modoku” or mimic.
All together thirteen dances are performed and the festival concludes with the last performance ta-asobi or field play, in which the outcome of the year is predicted. The festival is held in snowy freezing night. Villagers believe that snow will bring about a bumper crop for the coming year and call out joyfully;
We got a best of luck of heavy snow! Yukimatsuri was earlier called Dengaku matsuri.

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. Sakanbe no fuyu matsuri 坂部の冬祭
Winter Festival in Sakanbe (Sakabe) .


... Dengaku, rustic Japanese celebrations that can be classified into two types:
dengaku that developed as a musical accompaniment to rice planting observances
the dengaku dances that developed in conjunction with sangaku.

. Dengaku (田楽) .

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das Winter-Festival in NIINO

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