Shichikoozan Pilgrimage


Shichikozan Pilgrimage (shichikoozan mairi)

***** Location: Nagasaki
***** Season: New Year
***** Category: Observance


shichikoozan mairi 七高山詣 (しちこうざんまいり)
Shichikozan pilgrimage

lit. pilgrimage to the High Mountains

A pilgrimage in Nagasaki town, to seven mountains, during the time from January 2 to January 15. The seven mountains represent the seven most important shrines of Japan.
Similar to the pilgrimage to the temples of the Seven Gods of Good Luck in Edo.

. even Gods of Good Luck 七福神 .

The townspeople put on straw sandals (waraji) and walk to the seven "Mountains", temples and shrines around town.
They combined it with visits to eateries and had a good time on the road, which sometimes lead through forests and small mountain trails.

source : sitikousan.html
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Nagasaki Shichikosan Mairi 長崎七高山巡り

Konpira san 金比羅山
Shichimen san 七面山
Hookazan 烽火山
Akibayama 秋葉山
Buzenboo 豊前坊
Hikosan 彦山
Atagoyama 愛宕山 (or Iwaya san 岩屋山)

The highest mountain on this trip was 400 meters, the whole tour took about 12 kilometers.

In the local dialect it is pronounced
chigosan チゴサン

The name shichikoozan 七高山 is an auspicious pun with
shichigosan 七五三, the festival for children in November.

. Shichigosan (shichi go san 七五三) .
Seven-Five-Three Festival


Offering White Fish to the magistrate of Nagasaki

source : nagasaki-r.seesaa.net

White fish from the fish traps at Urakami yana 浦上簗(白魚簗)was a speciality.
After visiting the Seven Mountains, the Nagasaki townsfolk would finally end up in Urakami to have a party.
In Nagasaki, these fish were best when only 2 - 2.5 cm long.
Whet it got warmer, they started to grow, so during the New Year holidays they were best.

The small fish were put in a festive barrel (tsunodaru 角樽) coated with black laquer, so as not to damage their white skin when carrying them to the Nagasaki Magistrate (nagasaki bugyoo). They should have been offered to the Shogun in Edo, but that was simply impossible, so the Magistrate got them to taste.
After that offering, fishing of the White Fish was forbidden until next year.

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Things found on the way

. Konpira san 金比羅山 .

. Shichimen san 七面山 .

Hookazan 烽火山

. Akiba san 秋葉山 .

. Buzenboo 豊前坊
Hikosan 彦山 .

.Atago san 愛宕山 .
Atago san 愛宕山 (or Iwaya san 岩屋山)


Shichikoozan -
and then a bowl
of Chanpon soup

Gabi Greve, New Year 2011

長崎 ちゃんぽん Nagasaki Chanpon

. Local Dishes from Nagasaki .

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