Domyoji Temple


Doomyooji 道明寺 Temple Domyo-Ji, Domyoji

***** Location: Osaka, Japan
***** Season: Various, see below
***** Category: Observance


Domyoji Tenmangu 道明寺天満宮
藤井寺市 Fujidera Town, Osaka

Domyoji Tenmangu Shrine originates in Haji Shrine that Haji Tribe built in 3 A.D. to enshrine their ancestor Amenohohi no mikoto (the son of Amaterasu Omikami, the goddess of the sun).

After Buddhism was introduce into Japan, Prince Shotoku decided to build a magnificent temple composed of the five-story stupa and seven halls on the land with an area of 320 m east and west and 640 m north and south, which Haji Yashima donated. The temple was named Haji Temple (Hajidera 土師寺) and later it was assumed the new name of Domyoji by
Sugawara no Michizane (enshrined as a deity of learning).

The shrine possesses a lot of treasures including 6 National treasures, 2 Important National Properties, and 1 Prefectural Cultural Property. The halls were burnt down in the battles to capture Takaya Castle during the Warring States period, however the treasures were unaffected.

Later the temple was given sanctuary to by Nobunaga Oda, Hideyoshi Toyotomi, and the Tokugawa Shogunate and designated as a vermilion-seal certificate land. Now people visit to pray for academic achievement, safe delivery, safe driving and so on.
In 2002, “The 1100th Year Anniversary Festival” in memory of Sugawara no Michizane was held.
Doumyouji, Fujiidera City, Osaka Prefecture
source : nippon-kichi.jp

. WKD : Sugawara Michizane 菅原道真

. Hajibe 土師部(はじべ) / 土部 Haji-Be clan .
and Haniwa 埴輪 clay figures


kigo for mid-spring

Doomyooji matsuri 道明寺祭 (どうみょうじまつり)
Domyoji Temple Festival

Doomyooji hoshi ii 道明寺糒(どうみょうじほしいい)
dried cooked rice from temple Domyoji

March 25, the memorial day of Sugawara Tenjin, is celebrated.
The Heart Sutra (Hanya Shingyo) is read many times and visitors from far and wide recite with the priests.
The Haji Clan 土師 used to have a nunnery here, later taken over by the Shingon school of Buddhism. 

On the festival day, there is also a memorial service in thankfulness of the rapeseed oil (used for lamps) :
natane kuyoo 菜種供養

The grandmother of Michizane, Kakuju-ni 覚寿尼, lived in this nunnary, and when he was put in exile in Kyushu, she put a plate of rice in the direction and said prayers for his wellbeing every day. After the ritual the rice was then eaten by the nuns who all were in good health. Thus the rumor of the miraculous qualities of the rice spread.
Later the mochigome rice was watered for two days, then simmered and dried for 10 days and after that dried for 20 days near the fireplace. Then it was ground in a stone grinder and the powder is the "Domyoji flour" used for making mochi to our day.

The mochi flour and all kinds of mochi rice dumplings is sold very well during the festival.

Doomyooji hoshi ii 道明寺糒(どうみょうじほしいい)
cooked dried rice from temple Domyo-Ji


kigo for late summer

. Hoshi-ii (hoshiii, hoshii) 干飯 (ほしいい)
cooked dried rice
..... 糒(ほしいい)乾飯(ほしいい)
hiki-ii 引飯(ひきいい)"ground rice"
kare ii かれいい、karei かれい、hoshi-i ほしい

doomyooji 道明寺(どうみょうじ)
(cold rice from) "Temple Domyo-Ji"

Here the name of the temple is used as a name for the food offering.

Worldwide use

Things found on the way

domyojiko, doomyoojiko どうみょうじこ (道明寺粉)
dried and granulated glutinous rice flour
for kashiwamochi, sakuramochi

Japanese confectionery consisting of a sweet pink mochi (rice cake) and red bean paste, covered with a leaf of sakura (cherry tree).
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Osaka Tenmangu 大阪天満宮

Tenjin san no Uso 天神さんのうそ the bullfinch of Tenjin
On the 15th of January is the festival.
The figures came on a thick paper with the inscription
There were also three boxes, from Gold, Silver or Wood.

. usokae うそ替え exchanging bullfinches .
ritual at Tenman-Gu shrines

Tenjinbata 天神旗(花) Tenjin Flag
It's original name was Tenjinbana 天神花 Tenjin Flower
It was distributed on the main festival in summer, on July 25.

source : asahi-net.or.jp

天満宮の扇子 folding fan of Tenmangu
寝牛 bull lying down, from wood

. Osaka Folk Art - 大阪府 大阪市 .


mizu mukete ato toi tamae doomyooji

Domyoji stands in front of your mother's altar.
Offer water both sacred and secular
and console her spirit.

source : Sasaki Sanmi, Chado

water offerings
to console her spirit
with Domyoji rice

Tr. Gabi Greve

Written in memory of the Mother of his disciple Fuboku 一柳軒不卜
Written in 延宝6年, Basho age 35.
Here it is not the name of the temple, but the name of the cold rice food (hoshi-ii) prepared there.
Ofter offering on the family altar, the cold water is used to prepare some Domyoji rice. May it cool off the soul on this hot summer day.

offering water
may the deceased be consoled
with dried boiled rice

Tr. Reichhold

MORE hokku about food by
. Matsuo Basho 松尾芭蕉 - Archives of the WKD .


Two haiku collected by Yamamoto Nori Store in 2009,
about sakuramochi

source : www.yamamoto-noriten.co.jp

sakuramochi, "Cherryblossom rice dumplings"
sakura dumplings

sakuramochi butsubutsu arishi Doomyooji

the sakura dumplings
are quite bumpy -
temple Domyo-Ji

Doomyooji hoshii no beni ya sakuramochi

the pink of dried rice
from temple Domyo-Ji -
sakura dumplings

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***** . Sugawara Michizane 菅原道真 and Tenman-Gu 天満宮 shrines

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