Time Memorial Day


Time Memorial Day (toki no kinenbi)

***** Location: Japan
***** Season: Mid-Summer
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toki no kinenbi 時の記念日 (ときのきねんび)
time memorial day, Anniversary of Time

toki no hi 時の日(ときのひ) "time day"

June 10




rookoku ろうこく【漏刻/漏剋】 "water clock"

On June 10th, way back in 671, according to the traditional calendar, the Emperor Tenji 天智天皇 (668-671) reportedly first announced the time to the people, measuring hours with a water clock (clepsydra).
In the lunar calendar, this was the 25th of the fourth lunar month.

There was an extra-governmental organization known as The Association for the Improvement of Domestic Life (seikatsu kaizen doomeikai 生活改善同盟会).
The group’s aim of improving the quality of daily life included a call for punctuality, and it designated 10 June as Time Day (Toki no kinenbi).

The main activities on 10 June included correcting the watches of passersby, by synchronizing them with a chronometer taken to streets downtown; the Association also sought the cooperation of temples, shrines, churches, and factories simultaneously to ring bells and sound the gongs and drums and whistles at twelve at noon. Lectures on time were delivered in schools and factories.

The first Time Day was held in 1920 ,
together with an exhibition on time sponsored by the Ministry of Education. School children were mobilized for the opening ceremony of the exhibition, in which they released balloons with the words jikan reikoo 時間厳守 (punctuality) written on a strip of paper in front of the Tokyo Educational Museum (the precursor of the present the National Science Museum).
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Asuka no Mizudokei - the water clock of Asuka

source : www.asukanet.gr.jp


toki no hi ya Dari no yugameshi oodokei

Time Day -
the warped big watches
of Dali

Yamaguchi Shozo (Shoozoo) 山口正三

sekaishi o dari no tokei de aki tomoshi

the world history
with the watch of Dali
in autumn lamp light

Watanabe Natsuko 渡部奈津子

. Museum Haiku
about famous people and artwork


toki no hi ya nikai to shita ni naru tokei

"time day" -
on the second floor and below
the clocks are ringing

Tsuyako 艶子


toki no hi ya mukashi hatago no kakedokei

time memorial day -
this wall clock
in the old inn

Sankei 山渓

. Hatago lodgings and inns and Haiku  


Buying time
my smart phone whispers the hour
so seductively

The wrist watch is in danger of becoming a threatened species like lions, tigers and elephants. The smartphone has unbound time that has been strapped to your wrist . . .

- Shared by Chris Loft -
Joys of Japan, 2012


The water clock drips
Measuring the hours and days
Liquid fluid time

Chinese mechanical and horological engineering from the Song Dynasty; this diagram provides an overall general view of the inner workings and armillary sphere of Su Song's clocktower built in Kaifeng. The drawn illustration comes from Su Song's book Xin Yi Xiang Fa Yao published in the year 1092. On the right is the upper reservoir tank with the 'constant-level tank' beneath it.

In the center foreground is the 'earth horizon' box in which the celestial globe was mounted. Below that are the time keeping shaft and wheels supported by a mortar-shaped end-bearing. Behind this is the main driving wheel with its spokes and scoops. Above that are the left and right upper locks with an upper balancing lever and upper link.

- Shared by Res John Burman -
Joys of Japan, 2012

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The water clock drips
Measuring the hours and days
Liquid fluid time

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