Green Week



Green Week (midori no shuukan)

***** Location: Japan
***** Season: Mid-Spring
***** Category: Observance


green week, midori no shuukan
緑の週間 (みどりのしゅうかん)

"making things green" week, ryokka shuukan
"tree planting ceremony, shokujusai 植樹祭(しょくじゅさい)
..... shokuju shiki 、植樹式(しょくじゅしき)

"love the forest" day airinbi 愛林日(あいりんび)

CLICK for more photos "green feather", midori no hane

If you contribute money for the environment fundraising, you get this feather to wear on your coat.


CLICK for more photos Green Week started in attempt to make the country more green, with planting trees and other events.
It lasts from April 1 for one week. Some areas use other dates, even the Golden Week, to make sure more people can attend.

It started in Japan to be celebrated since 1950 and the minister for environment puts his efforts into the events.

There are various events, for example green parties, rice-planting sessions with meals afterwards, and city gardening projects to create a "green curtain" before summer in attempt to reduce the heat waves.

Gabi Greve, May 2008

Worldwide use


Arbor Day
Arbor Day / Reference

Green Week / Reference

Things found on the way


Green Week -
the farmer sprays
his apple trees

"love the forest" day (airinbi) -
I collect empty cans
by the roadside

Gabi Greve, Japan, May 2008


midori no hi no ame no Dizuniirando kana

greenery day ...
and Disneyland
all in rain

Yamada Mizue 山田みづえ

東京ディズニーランド Tokyo Disney Land
. . . CLICK here for Photos !

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***** Green Day, Greenery Day (midori no hi)
Greenery Day (みどりの日, midori no hi)

Between 1989 and 2006 it was celebrated on April 29.
In 2007 Greenery Day was moved to May 4.


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Pat Geyer ‎wrote:

week of green...
celebrating the earth
in thanks for all she gives us

Joys of Japan, March 2012