Hasedera Nara


Temple Hasedera

***** Location: Japan, Nara
***** Season: Early Spring
***** Category: Observance


Hasedera no Tada-oshi
長谷寺のただ押し (はせでらのただおし)

Temple Hasedera in Sakurai Town was built in 686, in the Asuka period, to pray for the recovery of Emperor Tenmu. Saint Tokudo is said to have been the first priest there.
It also has a three-storied pagoda.
The main statue is now Kannon Bosatsu, made in 727.
This temple is one of the 33 pilgrim temples of Kannon Bosatsu.
It is also famous for its peony garden.

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The spring festival is held to ward off evil for the whole year.
A stamp with the name of Enma, King of Hell, is made on the forehead of each believer. Torches are lit during the night.
Monks blow the conch shells and a great procession walks along the wide corridors of this temple.

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Hase, Hatsuse 初瀬 - old spelling


Woodblock from Toyokuni, about 1845–48
Minamoto no Toshiyori 源俊頼朝臣
Narukami Shonin 「鳴神上人」
Kumo no Taema 「雲のたへま」

. Narukami and the God Fudo .

うかりける 人をはつせの山おろしよ

Ukari keru Hito o Hatsuse no Yamaoroshi yo
Hageshikare to wa Inoranu mono o

It was not for this
I prayed at the holy shrine:
That she would become
As pitiless and as cold
As the storms on Hase's hills.

74 - Minamoto no Toshiyori Ason 源俊頼朝臣
Hatsuse はつせ = Hase

. Ogura Hyakunin Isshu Poems 小倉百人一首 .

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Pilgrimage to 18 Shingon Temples in Kansai

There is another famous Hasedera in Kamakura.
Hase Kannon Temple


Visiting - Hasedera 長谷寺 Hase-Dera in Nara -
. Matsuo Basho 松尾芭蕉 - Archives of the WKD .

source : Yamada Naokimi

haru no yo ya komorido yukashi doo no sumi

ukare-keru hito ya Hatsuse no yama-zakura

二日にも ぬかりはせじな 花の春
futuska ni mo nukari haseji na hana no haru

雲雀より 空にやすらふ 峠哉
hibari yori sora ni yasurau tooge kana

春雨の 木下につたふ 清水かな
harusame no koshita ni tsutau shimizu kana

ほろほろと 山吹散るか 滝の音
. horo horo to yamabuki chiru ka taki no oto .

Oi no Kobumi 笈の小文
. Matsuo Basho 松尾芭蕉 - Archives of the WKD .

Visiting - Hasedera 長谷寺 Hase-Dera in Nara -
. Matsuo Basho 松尾芭蕉 - Archives of the WKD .


長谷寺に 閻魔の慈悲も 馳せる也
Hasedera ni Enma no jihi mo haseru nari

at temple Hasedera
there is even the compassion
of Enma, the King of Hell
Tr. Gabi Greve

© noriko


ema 絵馬 votive tablet from autumn

. EMA Votive Tablets and Prayer Boards 絵馬 .


. Nara Folk Art - 奈良県 .
Izumo ningyoo 出雲人形 Izumo dolls / 大和出雲人形 Yamato Izumo ningyoo
Hase tsuchi ningyoo 初瀬土人形 clay dolls from Hase /Hatsuse
Hatsuse 初瀬 / Hatsuse Izumo Tsuchi Ningyoo 初瀬出雲土人形

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***** Peony Park at Temple Hasedera

***** Enma, King of Hell

. Fudo Myo-O statue at Hasedera .





Gabi Greve said...

Tengu, sugi 天狗と杉と伝説 Legends about Tengu and Cedar trees

When Eigaku 英岳大僧正 was still a young acolyte at the temple and wanted to study at night, a Tengu came over and tried to disturb him. Eigaku had to light all the lanterns, but the Tengu (in the form of a squirrel) run around and extinguished them and causing other trouble. So Eigaku collected all his wits and threatend the Tengu:
"When I become High Priest here, I will cut down all the cedar trees and you will have no more place to live here!"
Eigaku was not really a dilligent student, but from this time on he changed his ways and eventually at the age of 60 became the High Priest 大僧正 Daisojo of the temple.
He had all the huge cedar trees cut down and used the wood to repair the temple buildings.
Only one of the trees he did not cut down, the Tengu Sugi 天狗杉, to remind him and the people in the future of the Tengu, who eventually helped him to become a dilligent student and high priest.

Gabi Greve said...

瑠璃山 Rurisan 医王寺 Io-Ji x薬王院 Yakuo-In
新宿区下落合4-8-2 / 4 Chome-8-2 Shimoochiai, Shinjuku ward

Related to the temple 長谷寺 Hasedera in Nara. It is even called
Higashi Hasedera 東長谷寺 Hasedera temple in the East
Hasedera in Nara is famous for its peonies, and this temple got some plants directly from it. Now it has more than 1000 plants in the garden, which is best visited from mid-April till the beginning of May.
Thus the temple is also called
Botandera ボタン寺、牡丹寺 Peony Temple

Gabi Greve said...

Hase Kaido 初瀬街道
From Hase (in Sakurai city, Nara) to 松阪 Matsuzaka in Mie. The modern spelling is 長谷.
Also called
Sangu Ura Kaido 参宮表街道 "back road to the Ise Shrine"
Now National Highway Nr. 165.
Exists since about 672, the jinshin no ran 壬申の乱 "war of succession" in the Asuka period.
The main stations are
桜井市 - Sakurai city - 初瀬 Hase
宇陀市 - Uda city - 萩原 Hagihara(伊勢本街道との分岐・追分)
名張市 - Nabari city - 鹿高 Kataka, 名張 Nabari, 新田 Shinden
伊賀市 - Iga city - 阿保 Abo (伊勢路)
津市 - Tsu city - 垣内 Kaido, 二本木 Nihongi, 大仰 Ogyo and 八太 Hatta.
松阪市 - Matsuzaka city - 六軒 Rokken