Long Life Ceremony


Long Life Ceremony (enjusai )

***** Location: Nara, Japan
***** Season: New Year
***** Category: Observance


Ceremony for a long life at Shrine Kashihara Jingu, Nara
January 1.

"Ceremony for long life" enju sai 延寿祭 (えんじゅさい )

Enju Sake Cup, enju hai 延寿盃(えんじゅはい)
Enju Chopsticks, enju bashi 延寿箸(えんじゅばし)

People use new chopsticks and a new ricewine cup to pray for health and long life in the new year.
This can also be done on the a birthday of 60, 70, 77, 80 or 88 of a person.

Sake cups


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. WKD : Kashihara Festival 橿原祭 Kashihara matsuri .
On February 11 from 10:00 am, "Kigensai 紀元祭", a ritual ceremony commemorating the foundation of Japan, is held.


Shrine Kashihara Jingu
The Birthplace of the Japanese Nation

Kashihara-jingu, located in the city of Kashihara, Nara Prefecture, was built in 1889 at the site of the Kashihara-gu where Japan's first emperor, Jinmu, is said to have acceded to the throne. The Main Hall and Kagura-den (hall for sacred dancing) were relocated here from the Kyoto Imperial Palace, and the other buildings were constructed in 1940. The deities enshrined are Emperor Jinmu and his consort Hime-tatara-Isuzu-Hime.

A new national regime was inaugurated in 1868 with the end of rule by the samurai class, with the emperor as head of state, and the spirits of Emperor and Empress Jinmu were formally enshrined here in recognition of their status as the first generation of the Imperial Family.
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When the emperor Jinmu (Jimmu) landed at the port of Naniwa (Osaka) and tried to enter Yamato, his advance was impeded by the troop of the earthy god Nagasune-hiko (the Long Shank), and his brother Itsuse no Mikoto died in a battle.

His brother, on his death bed, said to the emperor: " We are descendants of the Goddess of the Sun, and therefore, we must not have fougfht in the face of the Sun. "

The emperor retreated and went around to the Kii Peninsula and landed there and advanced through the mountains of Kumano, which is the Unesco's World Heritage.

Once again, Nagasune-hiko appeared to hold back the troop of the Emperor.
Then, a shining large bird "Tobi" appeared and came flying to the top of the bow of the emperor. The enemies became dazzled at the shring light of the bird.

Nagasune-hiko finally surrendered.

Kashihara-jingu Shrine and the Unebi-yama

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還暦の私も行くぞ 延寿祭
kanreki no watakushi mo iku zo enju sai

on my 60th birthday
I will go there !
Ceremony for Long Life

Gabi Greve, January 2008

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Anonymous said...

Dear Gabi san
Kanreki omedetou gozaimasu.
masu masu genki de Japanese culture o shookai shite kudasai.


Anonymous said...

long-life ceremony
each day
a dress rehearsal

long-life ceremony
at year's end
new insurance papers

Silly, huh?

:>) Ella W.

Gabi Greve said...

Sake 酒 for rituals and festivals