Dainichi Mairi



Visit to the Dainichi Hall (Dainichi Mairi)

***** Location: Akita, Japan
***** Season: New Year
***** Category: Observance


Festival at the Dainichi Hall in Akita, Kazuno City

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Visiting the Dainichi Hall, Dainichi Mairi
大日詣 (だいにちまいり)

... Dainichidoo zaidoo 大日堂祭堂(だいにちどうざいどう)
"Hall Festival" zaidoo 祭堂(ざいどう)

My Details about Buddha Dainichi Nyorai / Vairocana

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The Dainichi-do Shrine Bugaku Dance

Dainichi-do is a Shinto shrine in the Hachimantai area of Kazuno. Its origin and history are shrouded in legends, the original structure was perhaps built about 1500 years ago. Restored in 718 by the emperor Keitai, the court dances and music (called bugaku) dedicated to the completion of the restoration are said to be the origin of those still performed annually at Dainichido on January 2nd.

A series of eleven dances are performed, accompanied by ancient music played on Japanese flutes and drums. The dances and music are a form of folk art with a long tradition in Japan, and have been designated a National Cultural Treasure.
With Komamai Dance, Torimai Dance and more.
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Dainichi Hall Kagura Bugaku

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Things found on the way

O-Take Nyorai お竹如来 and haiku by ISSA


about Buddha Dainichi Nyorai
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hakuchoo to ware to Dainichi zoo

the swans and
myself and the statue
of Dainichi Nyorai

© Shimizu Shookei 清水逍径


yama warau hibutsu dainichi nyorai toka

mountains laughing -
the secret statue of
Dainichi Nyorai ... they say

© Kanda Shoori 金田勝利

All Tr. Gabi Greve

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