Rooka, Saint Roka


Memorial Day for Saint Roka

***** Location: Japan
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Memorial Day for Saint Roka,
Rooka Ki 浪化忌 (ろうかき)

November 17. (1672 - 1703)

寛文11年12月17日(1672年1月16日) - 元禄16年10月9日(1703年11月17日)

He was born in Kyoto. His boyhood name was "Shoo Maru" 正丸.
His haiku names are 自遣堂・応々山人・休々山人.

He was a monk of the Pure Land Sect and also a famous haiku poet. His father Takunyo 琢如(たくにょ) had been priest at the famous temple Higashi Honganji in Kyoto.

Zuisen-Ji village

He lived at the temple Zuisenji 越中国井波瑞泉寺, where he became abbot in 1677 at the tender age of 7. He often travelled to Kyoto to meet his father and his brother, both haiku students of Kitamura Kigin.
Later he became a haiku student of Mukai Kyorai, one of the 10 important disciples of Basho.

In 1694 he met Matsuo Basho for the first time at the Haiku Group in Saga/Kyoto, Rakushi sha 落柿舎(らくししゃ)and became his disciple.

He was very fond of Basho and built a memorial for him after the death of Basho. He received a bit of the hair of Basho as mememto and later build his recluse, "Black Hair Hermitage" Kurokami An 黒髪庵.

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"Black Hair Hermitage"

His Haiku Publications
『Ariso umi 有磯海』『Tonami yama となみ山』

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Haiku by Roka himself

下積の 蜜柑ちひさし 年の暮
shitazumi no mikan chihisashi toshi no kure

the lower layer
of mandarins is rather small ...
end of the year

Haiku about Trees

inazuma no nurete hashiru suna no ue

getting wet
and running from the thunderstorm
on the sand

Haiku about Sand
Tr. Gabi Greve


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