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Like all kigo,

these memorial day kigo are embedded in the flow of things, the changes of the seasons ...

We remember a person of the past,
honor him today with a poem and
hope for him to be "alive" in the future of mankind

... in the endless flow of time,
the timeless flow of things ...
(whatever you tend to call it).



Memorial Days in a Japanese Saijiki usually end with the word "KI" 忌 and denote the death anniversary of a person. In the text below I have left out the repetition of "Memorial day for" and only added the name of the person and KI.
Some days are calculated according to the Asian Lunar Calendar.
We also have memorial days for a birthday or other special day in the life of a person.

Other words to express a memorial day or memorial service in Japanese:

Ceremony, e 会
Memorial ceremony, goku 御供, goki 御忌, kuyoo 供養
Visiting a temple in memory of a person, mairi 参, moode 詣
Group in memory of a person, koo 講

Kaisan Ki 開山忌 , Memorial Day for the Founder of This Temple, is often used, when his name is not so famous after all but the temple became famous later. In this case, the personal name is sometimes not used.

. kaisan 開山 temple founder
kaisandoo 開山堂 Founder's hall .

This is a saijiki of the most common memorial days, not only of Japan but of other famous people worldwide that have come to notice during the compilation of the World Kigo Database.

It is arranged in alphabetical order of family names or the names they are best known, according to the seasons. Some famous persons can have entries in more than one season, when events in their lifetime are celebrated.

Japanese can have more than one KI name to be remembered by. I will try and list them all.
Use the LINK of a given name to find more information about this person.

For entries under construction, an external FACTS LINK to the Wikipedia is used most often.

Enjoy this walk through the lifes of famous people, from art, religion, politics, literature and other fields of human society.

Please use your own browser to find a name.

Gabi Greve, May 2007

. WKD Kigo Calendar - the 12 Months .
Check here for the most important days.

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The Asian Lunar Calendar and Ceremonies

A lunar month started with no-moon, had the full moon on the 15th and 28 days to go.
The first lunar month of a year started the round of 12 months.
With the calendar reform in Japan, things changed, making the life of a haiku poet more difficult. The seasons for birthdays and memorial days changed.

Please read the details here:

. The Asian Lunar Calendar and the
changing Dates of Japanese Ceremonies




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